2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Frank Somma

Hoboken NJ USA
Somma's works examine the many layers of thoughts, ideas and emotions explored during moments of solitude and reflection. The contrast of ideas experienced through self-analysis are expressed through the use of additional body parts or skeleton keys which represent possibilities, options, and pathways in life. The gray areas of the human struggle, the thought process between inaction and action, the search for the courage to overcome fear is where the artist delves into most. Stylistically Somma tries to remain rooted in the realistic detail and anatomy of 19th century masters, while portraying movements and themes that are not possible or probably in nature. The techniques of the past add a level of believability and elegance to these cerebral and emotional themes. The contemporary style and gesture of the poses show a range of motion and emotion without straying too far into either academic or abstract genres. The dance between the classical and surreal is what allows the artist to express universal themes of human conflict and the path toward enlightenment.
© Frank Somma | INTROSPECTION 3832
2013 Sculpture | Introspection
Bronze, 48'' x 15'' x 8'' (6feet with base) , 2005
USD $49,500
© Frank Somma | SIREN 3833
2013 Sculpture | Siren
Bronze, L59'' x W29.5'' x H33'' (life size), 2004
USD $65,500
© Frank Somma | Letting Go 3835
2013 Sculpture | Letting Go
Bronze, H 44'' x W38'' D28'' (6 feet with Base), 2012
USD $58,500
© Frank Somma | Reflection 3836
2013 Sculpture | Reflection
Bronze, H26'' x W18'' x D9''(life size), 2013
USD $42,500
© Frank Somma | La Pioggia/Downpour 3837
2013 Sculpture | La Pioggia/Downpour
Bronze, H 18'' x W 24'' x D 24'', 2013
USD $52,500
© Frank Somma | INDECISION 3904
2013 Sculpture | Indecision
BRONZE, H26'' x W36'', 2007
USD $59,500