2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kelan Putbrese

Miami Beach FL USA
Since I have become a part of the innovative and thriving artistic culture in Miami, my photographs are swiftly becoming well recognized. Starting from the Florida Keys, my photographs have made their way to Miami, 2012 Art Basel Miami, and 2013 Fountain Art Fair in New York City. My photographs are drawn from the natural world in such a way that I create an elegant yet dynamic presence. I see deep, flowing forms and rich textures of colors in the smallest of creations, and I bring these forth for you to enjoy. I think you'll see that in all my photos, my focus is to create a conceptual piece that will allow your imagination to run away!
© Kelan Putbrese | Intimacy 1 3810
2013 Photography | Intimacy 1
Metallic Paper, 24x36, 2013
USD $450
© Kelan Putbrese | Intimacy 2 3811
2013 Photography | Intimacy 2
Metallic Paper, 24x36, 2013
USD $450
© Kelan Putbrese | Vertigo 3812
2013 Photography | Vertigo
Metallic Paper, 24x36, 2012
USD $450