2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Mustafa Ozbakir

Adana AL Turkey
Born in Adana, Turkey, 1982 The artist investigates the relationship among paiting, photograph and cinema. Ozbakir tries to give the impression of sorrow which belongs to humans in a context covered by miscommunication, loneliness and unhappiness in his paintings. The artist has been affected by Ingmar Bergman’s films. The artist made the paintings of Bergman’s Persona, Viskningar och rop, Tystnaden and Fanny & Alexander. The artist turns the screens that he chooses into his works by refleting his spritual condition, environment and worries. We can also come into the faces of nature in his other works. We can also see the feelings of loneliness, introverioness, miscommunication, lovelessness and dividedness in his paintings. The faces in Ozbakir’s painting expect us to touch them...
© Mustafa Ozbakir | Dead child 4980
2014 Photography | Dead Child
Photography, 24x36 cm, 2014
© Mustafa Ozbakir | Fanny and Alexander 5449
2014 Painting | Fanny And Alexander
Oil on canvas, 30x50 cm, 2014
© Mustafa Ozbakir | Funda 5346
2014 Painting | Funda
Oil on handmade paper, 76x56 cm, 2014
© Mustafa Ozbakir | Buse 5347
2014 Painting | Buse
Oil on handmade paper, 76x56 cm, 2014