2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Jiwon Kim

seoul Korea
My name is Ji-Won Kim, and I hail from Seoul, South Korea. I graduated from Hongik University, where I majored in Oriental Painting. In my work, I am capturing the mundane beauty of afternoons. My pieces are meditations on the brief sighs of respite between the rigors of contemporary life. When we withdraw from the guilty idleness we indulge in from time to time and take a panoptic perspective, there is a certain orderliness and simplicity to the wasted midday. One can liken my artistic philosophy to the position articulated by the 20th century philosopher Walter Benjamin, who, ironically, worked on the phenomenon of being idle. Technically, I endeavor to provide a fresh take on the texture of flowing water to provide a visually exciting and even pleasantly unsettling interpretation of the element. The figures in my work are, in some ways, extensions of the water which both envelop and flank them -- fluid and regular, unified but not monolithic. Just as they share in lethargy, I hope viewers will share the contemplation of those lazy Sunday noons beckoning around the corner. I am both honored and happy to have the chance to share my work with eyes around the world. e-mail: jw9204@naver.com
© Jiwon Kim | 11:00am 7452
2017 Painting | 11:00Am
mix-media, 130.3x162.2cm, 2015
USD $2,500
© Jiwon Kim | 3:00pm 7453
2017 Painting | 3:00Pm
mix-media, 100x72.7cm, 2016
USD $1,000
© Jiwon Kim | 2:30am 7455
2017 Graphics | 2:30Am
mix-media, 53x41cm, 2017
USD $700
© Jiwon Kim | peace-pool 7454
2017 Painting | Peace-Pool
mix-media, 25.8x17.9cm, 2016
USD $420