2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Sharmyn Ali

I love to paint and I enjoy it even more when people can enjoy my painting, as I believe art is an expression from the heart and one can feel the energy from a painting. I like to explore and be creative in my paintings. I paint landscapes, floral, abstract, portraits etc., but putting my expression on the painting is an accomplishment and my intention is for the audience to enjoy my paintings the same way I enjoy creating them.
© Sharmyn Ali | Elegant Anima 5561
2014 Graphics | Elegant Anima
oils, 24 by 30, 2013
USD $800
© Sharmyn Ali | The Mirage 5562
2014 Graphics | The Mirage
oils, 24 by 30, 2012
USD $1,200
© Sharmyn Ali | Embraced by Elegance 5563
2014 Graphics | Embraced By Elegance
oils, 24 by 30, 2012
USD $800