Artist Official Entries

Vicky Talwar

Stouffville Canada
Inspired by what lies beneath the surface, I experiment with mixed media to unravel hidden layers, creating an illusion of depth. Layering and texturing is a key theme in my work, exposing the intricacy in the natural world and in our-selves. My paintings are a process of discovery: I begin an unchartered path, with intuition as a guide, transforming and juxtaposing layers which evolve instinctively, eventually shaping what aspects of the subject remain apparent, and what becomes hidden. It’s this element of surprise – an uncertainty of the final destination - that provokes a more intuitive style, an approach that has transformed me as an Artist. Using natural elements and flora as subjects, my work navigates the spectrum of emotions that both connect and conflict. My paintings float in time, without a beginning or an end, levitating on a bed of seclusion, bewilderment and nostalgia. Diffused into my backgrounds are layers of washes, blends, and folded melting planes, creating an abstraction as they freely float on the canvas. My work has been exhibited in Canada, USA, and India, with recent exhibitions at The Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Linus Gallery, REN Gallery, and Las Laguna Gallery in Los Angeles and Caelum Gallery in New York City. I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) from Ontario College of Art and Design and a Bachelors in Education (BEd) from York University, Toronto Canada.
© Vicky Talwar | A Journey Awaits 8329
2018 Painting | A Journey Awaits
Acrylic and Mixed Media, 48 x 36 inches, 2018
USD $2,200
© Vicky Talwar | Free Spirit 8330
2018 Painting | Free Spirit
Acrylic and Mixed Media, 40 x 60 inches, 2018
USD $4,000
© Vicky Talwar | Colours of Worship 8331
2018 Painting | Colours Of Worship
Acrylic and Mixed Media, 30 x 40 inches, 2018
USD $2,200