2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Marta Grigorieva

Fort Lee NJ USA
1. The first painting I submit "Time is Now: Informational Hurricane" reflects the Time we live in. There is individual transparency trough social media. People become quite involved with various on-line media and communication. The face looking though rectangular smart phone, while on Facebook, is taking that shape. It's about myth of not feeling lonely and about reduced experience of face-to-face communication. The girl - the character in the painting, representative of our generation - her figure is semi- transparent, her dress has a similar shape of a sand-clock, and sand sparkles down her dress, time goes, time it takes to be in front of computers, the time we experience, the time we live in. 2. The second painting - "Return of Europe: East and West", implying the political situation in the world we witnessing now, showing Europe/ Ukraine and Russia ... 3. The Third painting "Twin Flame" about finding that special other half that exists in the universe ... EDUCATION 1999-2004 Painted the portrait and figure with Nelson Shanks at the Art Student’s League, New York. 1997 Completed graduate study in Fine Arts at Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences concentrating in the Italian Renaissance. 1995-1997 Attended painting courses at the Harvard University School of Visual Arts, Carpenter Center, Cambridge, 1990 Graduated from Moscow Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Began painting at the age of 11. Began studying music in St. Petersburg at the age of 6 – pianoforte and violin. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS: May – June 2014 Columbus, Monte Carlo, “Sea Legends and Desire”. March – May 2014 Quai des Artistes, Monaco, “Mysteries of Painting: Oil and Sugar on Canvas” January 2014, Yacht Club of Monaco, Monte Carlo. May – June 2008: Harmony in White, The Burlington Club, Mayfair, London. April 2008: One Light, No 5 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London. January 2008: Stream of Life, Radisson Edwardian Canary Wharf, London. October 2005: Ca’Del Lupo, Montelupo Albese, Cuneo Italy. June 2004: Castello di Castellar, Cuneo Italy. February 2004: Salon des Arts, Kensington, London. July 2002: Castello di Marcerù, Villafranca Piemonte,Torino, Italy. GROUP EXHIBITIONS: December 2012: Fenix Art Gallery, Moscow. November 2012: Кarachaevo – Cherkesovo Art Museum, Russia. September 2012: Sochi Fine Art Museum, Russia. November 2007: The Art of Decoration, Englwood, NJ, USA. March 2007: Les Trois Visages, Mayfair, London. June 2006: PLURAL exhibition, PIM Spazio, Milan. June 2003: Challenge, Salon des Arts, Kensington, London. April 2003: Ascolta, Gusta, Guzman Arte, Torino, Italy. April 2003: Saluzzo Arte 2003, 8 Mostra di Arte Contemporanea fondazione Amletto Bertoni, Saluzzo, Cuneo Italy. December 2002, won II prize – Premio al concorso di Pittura Art Studio, Cultural Association, Torino, Italy. October 2002: Orizzonti d’Arte e Poesia, Salone dei Cavalieri, Pinerolo, Italy. July, January, and March 2002: Ladie’s Vision and Dog is for Life, Garden of Eden Art Gallery, London. July 2001: Chelsea Art Society, London. June 2001: Salon des Arts, Kensington, London. August 1998 and August 1997: Sotheby’s, New York. May 1997: Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.
© Marta Grigorieva | Allegory of Time: Informational Hurricane 4607
2014 Painting | Allegory Of Time: Informational Hurricane
Oil and acrylic on canvas , 100 x 100 cm , 2014
USD $12,000
© Marta Grigorieva | Return of Europe: East and West  4646
2014 Painting | Return Of Europe: East And West
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 61 x 93 cm , 2014
USD $8,000
© Marta Grigorieva | Twin Flame 4648
2014 Painting | Twin Flame
Oil on canvas , 92 x 122 cm , 2014
USD $10,000