2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Stefano Bove

Woodbridge Canada
My body of work emphasizes the necessity to communicate and showcase the beauty of our universe. The discussions that arise upon viewing the work of Understanding and pondering the cosmic landscape and the functionality of the universe are a constant motivation. Colour, texture, and application are all engaging aspects that pull you into the work. Upon engaging the work, one is connected and physically present in this distant landscape that has never been viewed before.
© Stefano Bove | Lunar Surface 5146
2014 Sculpture | Lunar Surface
cement, 40x40, 2014
USD $3,000
© Stefano Bove | Gas Clouds 5147
2014 Painting | Gas Clouds
acrylic/ Spray Paint, 48 x 36, 2014
USD $1,800
© Stefano Bove | Dar Energy 5148
2014 Painting | Dar Energy
Spray Paint, 48 x 36, 2014
USD $1,800