2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

April Friges

Pittsburgh PA USA
My art practice is about looking at photographic conventions and creating alternate methods by blurring the boundaries of digital and analog media. In my most recent work, Spectator, I address the medium of photography and its classification as a two-dimensional art form. These pieces comprise of large-scale, unique, gelatin silver prints. I experiment with process in the darkroom, manipulate the paper to construct three-dimensional sculpted works that examine the intersection between image and object. In my attempt to invent language and transform our historical and descriptive discourse, I step back to traditional photography - more specifically - the photogram because of its ʻone of a kindness.ʼ This historical mode of abstraction contemplates a second degree, accelerated dynamic. I utilize the gallery lighting to create additional forms on the reflective surface of the photographic paper. The pockets of highlights and shadows that result add to or contradict the shapes of the image already created, which depends on how the paper is sculpted. The shapes on the photograph are gradated tones of black and white gelatin silver pieces, which become inversed onto light-sensitive paper upon exposure. When the artwork is taken down from the gallery walls at the end of the exhibition, it is re-flattened. Subsequently, the sculptured image created will have a new form every time it is shown. April Friges was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and in 2010 she received her MFA in studio art from The University of California, Irvine. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums such as LAXART (LA), The Printed Matter (NY), MOCAD (MI), The Spencer Museum of Art (KS). She is currently the Assistant Professor of Photography at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
© April Friges | Spectator 1012 4798
2014 Photography | Spectator 1012
Gelatin Silver Print (one of a kind), 50 x 67 inches, 2014
USD $2,800
© April Friges | Spectator 1514 4799
2014 Photography | Spectator 1514
Gelatin Silver Print , 20 x 24 inches, 2014
USD $1,800
© April Friges | Spectator 1212 4800
2014 Photography | Spectator 1212
Gelatin Silver Print (one of a kind), 50 x 65.5 inches, 2014
USD $3,200