2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kirill Arkadyev

Moscow Russian Federation
For me, it was always important to create a puzzle. Puzzle created from ideas and spots. In all my work, you can find this puzzle, if you stop and think. And if it be so, I'll be happy.
© Kirill Arkadyev | Dreaming of the way 4359
2014 Graphics | Dreaming Of The Way
A3=297×420 мм, 2008
USD $15,000
© Kirill Arkadyev | Portrait of pensive man who looks like me 4360
2014 Graphics | Portrait Of Pensive Man Who Looks Like Me
A1=594 × 841 (мм), 2013
USD $20,000
© Kirill Arkadyev | Dedicated to Dali 4361
2014 Graphics | Dedicated To Dali
A3=297×420 мм, 2013
USD $5,000