2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Jonathon Kassel

Johannesburg South Africa
Addressing memories, notions, environments, impressions and unconscious connections emerging as evidence in a perpetual mystery, seeking the essence in the item, presenting reality with an inquest into the archetypal mystic of the subject or that reality, its apparent surface and how it conveys its true nature. Style: obscure, minimalist, oblique, dream-state, avant-garde, approach incorporates all art tactics. Themes dealt with include past prescience and present coincidence, for example, when we come across events and signifiers that become relevant to future events and signifiers, without our intentionally seeking them. Also, the position of art in this situation, does it serve as harbinger, herald or recorder? Working in oil or acrylic, silver, gold and graphite on canvas, charcoal, pencil, silverpoint and gouache on paper, in diverse pieces the artist is concerned with literal and figurative negative space, the limbo of white space and the implications of shadows.
© Jonathon Kassel | El Gaucho 2588
2013 Painting | El Gaucho
Painting, Approx A3, 2008
USD $8,000
© Jonathon Kassel | Young Girl VIII 2589
2013 Painting | Young Girl Viii
Painting, Approx. 1 x 0.8 m, 2013
USD $8,000
© Jonathon Kassel | Alex I 2590
2013 Graphics | Alex I
Drawing, A2, 2000
USD $2,700
© Jonathon Kassel | whadoicalthisone 2591
2013 Painting | Whadoicalthisone
Painting, Approx. A3, 2008
USD $8,000
© Jonathon Kassel | En Garde 2592
2013 Painting | En Garde
Painting, Approx. A3, 2008
USD $8,000