2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Margaret Halsey

New York NY USA
When I paint a painting my goal is to create harmonious color and a design that I have not seen before. Sometimes I add various patterns just for the fun of it. When I succeed at creating what I consider to be a beautiful and somewhat original work I feel the painting is finished. To me painting is playing and inventing at the same time. It is also work that requires intensive looking. Margaret Brown Halsey
© Margaret Halsey | Easter's Gift 4364
2014 Painting | Easter's Gift
Gouache on Paper, 24 3/4"x17 3/8", 1989
USD $2,500
© Margaret Halsey | Umbrellas 4365
2014 Painting | Umbrellas
Watercolor on Paper, 25 1/2"x17 3/8", 1989
USD $2,500
© Margaret Halsey | Green, Yellow, Blue on Pink 4366
2014 Painting | Green, Yellow, Blue On Pink
Watercolor on Paper, 24 3/4"x17 3/8", 1989
USD $2,500
© Margaret Halsey | The Serpent 4367
2014 Painting | The Serpent
Watercolor on Paper, 25"x17", 1989
USD $2,500