2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Anya Rubin

Dumont NJ USA
Creating an expressionist record of this current zeitgeist, using figures, historical references, and fragments of every day life and through them reveals what could be called the collective consciousness of contemporary society.
© Anya Rubin | Dual Reality  2519
2013 Mixed Media | Dual Reality
duratran light box, 35x35, 2013
USD $10,000
© Anya Rubin | Origin OF The World Part Two 2517
2013 Mixed Media | Origin Of The World Part Two
Digital Art, 35x35, 2013
© Anya Rubin | Feeding the World 2518
2013 Mixed Media | Feeding The World
duratran light box, 35x35, 2013
USD $10,000