2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Charles Geiger

Poughkeepsie NY USA
My painting practice approach is “quasi-botanic” because it uses images of botanic leaf and rhizome structures. These networks of leaves and rhizomes are in a process of breaking and reconnecting, reflecting a continuous life-process where natural systems (biomes) converge and often teeter between entropy and order. These interwoven botanic forms expand in a metaphorical way within a dual-dimensioned, in-between, or interstitial landscape….between the visually very large and the very small. It is a landscape structured in a quasi-botanic and semi-aquatic surrealist platform…a dreamscape. By interweaving the energy of newly sprouted leaves and rhizome forms into interconnected sub-structures, I hope to evoke a process of absorption, renewal, and most of all…healing.
© Charles Geiger | Pair Recovery 5523
2014 Painting | Pair Recovery
Acrylic and inks on canvas, 24 x 24, 2013
USD $1,000
© Charles Geiger | Sheltered Pair 5524
2014 Painting | Sheltered Pair
Gouache and inks on paper, 20 x 24, 2013
USD $800
© Charles Geiger | Untitled 8538 5525
2014 Painting | Untitled 8538
Acrylic and inks on paper, 20 x 24, 2013
USD $1,000