2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Judith Rosenberg

Boynton Beach FL USA
Creating art is a physical pleasure. The process involved in deciding on theme, motif, pattern, color and medium delights me. There are many engines of my inspiration: painting, architecture, photography, nature and fashion -in our world and past eras. My tools are paints, inks, photographs, unusual papers and computer. I'm very excited about my current works, uniting of painting and photography. Problems arise when I feel my work is done, since I'm very difficult to please and spend much time in the finishing of my projects. I hope the viewer's perception and awareness of the many aspects of beauty -in the joining of unexpected multiple stories -enables them to savour and expand their pleasure of art.
© Judith Rosenberg | Femme L'orange 4691
2014 Mixed Media | Femme L'orange
mixed media, 20x24, 2014
USD $575
© Judith Rosenberg | Femme Fleur 4692
2014 Mixed Media | Femme Fleur
mixed media, 20x24, 2013
USD $575
© Judith Rosenberg | Femme Blonde 4693
2014 Mixed Media | Femme Blonde
mixed media, 20x24, 2014
USD $575
© Judith Rosenberg | Femme Gris 4715
2014 Mixed Media | Femme Gris
mixed media, 20x16, 2014
USD $395