2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Rudik Petrosyan

Cliffside Park NJ USA
Art is born out of great love and sacrifice. It is never enough for me to be completely satisfied from what I have created. Once I finish a painting I have this great urge to create another one that is greater than the previous one. When I paint I feel God’s presence around. For the time being I am working on deepening and perfecting my skills. Rudik Petrosyan
© Rudik Petrosyan | Light attraction 7774
2017 Painting | Light Attraction
oil on canvas, 32"x40" invhes, 2017
USD $45,000
© Rudik Petrosyan | Still life with red flowers 7775
2017 Graphics | Still Life With Red Flowers
oil on canvas, 36"x47" inches, 2017
USD $50,000