2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Edmond Caputo

Brooklyn NY USA
Edmond Caputo is a mixed-media artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His art explores the saturation of stimuli our culture confronts on a daily basis and relates that to formative experiences. Language, sound, architecture, and environmental decay are some of the inspiring sources alluded to in his work. By employing diverse methods for approaching the canvas, beautiful patterns, rhythms, color juxtapositions, and abstract imagery emerge from his compositions. Caputo utilizes his influential surroundings by sourcing discarded components that construct our physical world. He regularly uses scrap metal grates, disposed lath, rope, various fabric, and acrylic plexiglass as tools to paint with or utilize directly in the artwork. Edmond relates his work to formative experiences. Each layer  on the canvas is inclined toward a stimulus, be it auditory, linguistic, architectural, or environmental. The composition created is what sparks a dialogue between the viewer and the painting, allowing them to flow between the entire image and each individual layer.
© Edmond Caputo | Progression 3 5752
2014 Painting | Progression 3
Acrylic, Oil, 64 x 64in., 2014
USD $3,000
© Edmond Caputo | Progression 2 5753
2014 Painting | Progression 2
Acrylic, Oil, 64 x 64in, 2014
USD $3,000
© Edmond Caputo | Progression 1 5754
2014 Painting | Progression 1
Acrylic, Oil, 64 x 64in., 2014
USD $3,000
© Edmond Caputo | Formation 3 5755
2014 Painting | Formation 3
Acrylic, Oil, 50 x 63in., 2014
USD $2,600
© Edmond Caputo | How come I always end up where I started? (Too close and too far away)  5756
2014 Painting | How Come I Always End Up Where I Started? (Too Close And Too Far Away)
Acrylic, 30 x 46in., 2014
USD $1,000
© Edmond Caputo | Formation 5757
2014 Painting | Formation
Acrylic, 36 x 36in., 2014
USD $1,000
© Edmond Caputo | As your boundary disappears come back into focus again 5758
2014 Painting | As Your Boundary Disappears Come Back Into Focus Again
Acrylic, Mixed, 50 x 50in., 2014
USD $1,500