2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Jazmin de la Guardia

Brooklyn NY USA
Jazmin de la Guardia is a Cuban-Uruguayan artist that was born in Paraguay and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her work draws its influences by combining history, memories and fiction. Like a historical novel, there is always a recognizable structure or story behind her pieces; but the conflicts and personal expressions are found in the details. The viewer may choose to observe the pieces from a distance, as to only be a witness to the main narrative; but if one approaches these compositions on a more personal level, you will be able to observe the tension, chaos, darkness and struggle that occurs within every story. // Please refer to jdelaguardia.com. On the website you will also be able to observe detail shots that reveal the intricacy of the textures.
© Jazmin de la Guardia | Itanara 5602
2014 Graphics | Itanara
Decalcomania, Digital Printc, 35.5 x 19 in, 2014
USD $280
© Jazmin de la Guardia | Parana 5601
2014 Graphics | Parana
Decalcomania, Digital Printc, 17 x 51 in, 2014
USD $350
© Jazmin de la Guardia | Creciente 5600
2014 Graphics | Creciente
Decalcomania, Digital Printc, 26 x 26 in, 2014
USD $250