Artist Official Entries

Erika Zanelli

BIO - ARTIST STATEMENT I'm an Italian artist and self-taught photographer. I started out my artistic journey as a dj and performer in Italy and Europe. Always on the lookout for new languages and means of expression I began to photograph people in the streets and realized a series of self-portraits whose recurring theme was the hidden face. This year I investigated how the contrast of light at certain times of day and night and the different exposure settings could alter and create very fascinating images. As a subject I chose nature and in some pictures I focused on reflections. I placed the fixed room in front of rivers, ponds, nests, creeks and waterfalls and I shot at different times both day and night, not only taking advantage of the different levels of light, but also different levels of exposure. The images are the result of light contrasts, especially at dawn and nocturnal reflections. I waited for hours and sometimes all day, catching all the different shades of light. Seeing the final result was really exciting.
© Erika Zanelli | Hydro 9110
2018 Photography | Hydro
photography, 137x91 cm, 2018
EUR $150
© Erika Zanelli | Float 9109
2018 Photography | Float
photography, 137x91 cm, 2018
EUR $120
© Erika Zanelli | Waterfall 9108
2018 Photography | Waterfall
photography, 137x91 cm, 2018
EUR $100