2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Orlando Arocena

Milford CT USA
Orlando Arocena is an artist and graphic designer who works in traditional and digital mediums. After graduating from Pratt Institute, he drew his way through Europe, co-founded Uptown Arts, and discovered he had a knack for digital commercial communications. In addition to a 15-year track record of delivering creative solutions for some of the world's most recognizable brands he has established himself as a non-conventional vector illustrator who explores cultural iconography,pop culture, and speculative narratives. In addition to commercial endeavors, Orlando has exhibited his vector work at the 2012 Fountain Miami Art Basel and the 2013 Centennial of the New York City ARMORY Art exhibition. He also Continues to collaborate with such Art organizations such as Republic Worldwide, Murals around New York(MaNY), the Fourth Arts Block (FAB) and Fountain Art Fair. You can see examples of this work at http://www.behance.net/orlandoarocena
© Orlando  Arocena | APERITIF II 3799
2013 Graphics | Aperitif Ii
Vector, 21"w x 29.5"h, 2013
© Orlando  Arocena | ANTICIPATION 3800
2013 Graphics | Anticipation
Vector, 21"w x 29.5"h, 2013
© Orlando  Arocena | La Vida del MEXICANO 3801
2013 Graphics | La Vida Del Mexicano
Vector, 23"w x 28"h, 2013