Artist Official Entries

Francesca Regni

Barcelona Spain
About us studioMotiscause is comprised of italian artist Motiscause & curator and project co-founder Francesca Regni. MOTISCAUSE (Pisa, 1966) Graduated from the European Institute of Design based in Milan. He is specialized at the architecture’s Faculty of Florence University, studying architectonical composition with the Professor Giancarlo Leoncilli Massi. Also, he had the great opportunity to study and to complete his education with the multifaceted futurist designer Bruno Munari. In May, 2016 he is selected from the SheShan MOCA & Forbidden City Gallery , Shangay In April 2016 his works “Città_03″ has been selected from the Mishkin Gallery, New York. In September 2015 his works were exhibited at Summa Contemporary Art Fair, Matadero, Madrid. In May 2015 Motiscause was selected from the Museo del Disseny de Barcellona. In the last 25 years, MOTISCAUSE’S talent and curiosity have allowed him to work with a spectrum of mediums, such as: drawings, painting, sculpture, illustration, craft and jewellery design, always working in harmony with an eclectic variety of medium. In between several collaborations we underline: “Villa Nurbs” project, under the direction of the architect Enric Ruiz Geli, and jury member for the Enric Miralles Foundation selection. FRANCESCA REGNI (Corinaldo, 1978) Graduated in contemporary art, specialized in art-critique and writing, Francesca is the Studio Motiscause Co-founder and Curator. In Italy she initially worked in prestigious contemporary art galleries where she developed her communication skills, working alongside some of the best galleries & artists, liaising with press offices and acquiring experience in both administrative and business roles. She was in regular contact with both national & international artists and art dealers. After being selected for an art project critique at the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum, she moved to Catalunya, where she started writing for a contemporary art magazine (www.arteecritica.it), covering events in both Madrid and Barcelona. Nowadays, Francesca heads all communication and PR at studioMotiscause, responsible for customer care and assistance, previews, exhibitions and events organization.
© Francesca Regni | Orange/Black 8725
2018 Painting | Orange/Black
Acrylic on Paper, 140 x 180 cm, 2018
EUR $3,550