2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Michael Cook

Agoura Hills CA USA
As a child, I spent every Saturday morning glued to the television set. There I sat with my large glass of chocolate milk watching a parade of cartoons go by. Although I enjoyed the variety of cartoons, no show ever matched the creativity and twisted nature of Chuck Jones and his beloved Looney Tunes characters. In addition to Chuck Jones, I have always admired the originality and artistic genius of Theodor Seuss Geisel, (AKA Dr. Seuss.) My passion for illustrative work stems from an adulation and deep respect of their talents. Even though I believe there is a formal discipline to illustration and painting, I prefer to allow the urban environment – the sights, sounds and smells – drive my creativity. My passion is interpretive through my work. When I'm creating, I have my headset on, music blasting, and I allow the rhythmic flow of the music to help bring my inspirations to life on canvas. My goal is to inject the viewer with the same level of energy and excitement when they enter my world!
© Michael Cook | Hellium Adventure 5499
2014 Painting | Hellium Adventure
Acrylic, 24" X 60", 2014
USD $3,500
© Michael Cook | Saturday Morning 5500
2014 Painting | Saturday Morning
Acrylic and Spray, 48" X 60", 2014
USD $4,000
© Michael Cook | Cookie's Galaxy 5501
2014 Painting | Cookie's Galaxy
Acrylic and Spray, 4 Panel's (24" X 24"), 2014
USD $3,500