2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Natan Pernick

In my works I attempt to combine vitality and permanence, not only trying to accurately paint the object, but to give the viewer an artistic sense of the work. Recently I have been painting various low profile objects such as blurred notebook pages or burnt disposable dishes. In my opinion these choices emphasis the strength of the painting medium, as such works obligate the viewer to reexamine features that he would otherwise neglect. The motionless objects are characterized by features of their history. The blurring and the distortions might also symbolize aspects of human nature such as forgetfulness and change. Basically I want the visual experiences of my art to communicate both emotionally and intellectually. A painting should rediscover what we already know, and reunite this knowledge with forgotten aspects of its meaning.
© Natan  Pernick | notebook paper 3575
2013 Painting | Notebook Paper
painting, 35x27inch, 2013
USD $3,500
© Natan  Pernick | woman with jacket 3577
2013 Painting | Woman With Jacket
oil on canvas, 33x23inch, 2010
USD $5,000