2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Dongze Huo

San Francisco CA USA
I was born in Xi’an China, currently Living in San Francisco United States as a Contemporary painter and printmaker. Time projects me into another dimension when it separates me from myself. My story comes from the choices I make: choice to come here, pass here and brush against existence. In my artistic process, I create lines that connect diverse organic shapes while maintaining a minimalist composition. This approach investigates my life experience including autobiographical content, psychological emotion, oppression and revolution from past till present by locating ourselves in our surroundings. My focus is finding the way to identify the individual localization and get away from building up and judging our value by the environment and surrounding without the misunderstanding, confusion and doubt.
© Dongze Huo | Memory Track 4518
2014 Graphics | Memory Track
Silk-Screen on BFK Paper, 22x22 inch, 2014
USD $850
© Dongze Huo | Escape 4519
2014 Graphics | Escape
Silk-Screen on BFK Paper, 21x15 inch, 2014
USD $650
© Dongze Huo | Forbidden Colors #9 4521
2014 Mixed Media | Forbidden Colors #9
Oil,acrylic,gesso,ink and ball pen on ca, 36x36 inch, 2013
USD $2,800
© Dongze Huo | Half cup of water#3 4522
2014 Mixed Media | Half Cup Of Water#3
Acrylic, oil, gesso, ink, fabric and bal, 36x36 inch, 2014
USD $2,800
© Dongze Huo | Half cup of water#4 4523
2014 Mixed Media | Half Cup Of Water#4
Acrylic, oil, gesso, ink and ball pen on, 36x36 inch, 2014
USD $2,800