2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kenneth Azzari

Eugene OR USA
Artist’s Statement Previously a resident of Taos, New Mexico, I moved to Eugene last August to be near my family. I have shown in two Taos Galleries and have been juried into several shows in Taos, Los Angeles, and Georgia. Almost all my work, more or less, is driven by past experiences and/or current events. I incorporate physical objects, papers, cloth, computer manipulated photos or anything else I find in thrift stores, garage sales and rummaging through junk piles. My works evolve as I manipulate various objects and other media. This process is as important to me as the finished works. As Jasper Johns once said; “you take an object, do something to it, do something else to it, and do something else to it and on and on.” As one travels thru this process, each change you make results in original interpretations and images. The open expression and strong emotions I feel going through this process causes a cathartic release: a new painting.
© Kenneth Azzari | Underwood 7215
2017 Mixed Media | Underwood
Encaustic Mixed Media, 24" X 24", 2014
USD $1,200
© Kenneth Azzari | India Eyes 7216
2017 Mixed Media | India Eyes
Encaustic Mixed Media, 24" X 24", 2014
USD $1,600
© Kenneth Azzari | Making Time 7217
2017 Mixed Media | Making Time
Encaustic Mixed Media, 24" X 24", 2015
USD $1,600
© Kenneth Azzari | International Symbol of a Bear in Distress 7218
2017 Mixed Media | International Symbol Of A Bear In Distress
Encaustic Mixed Media, 2014
USD $1,600
© Kenneth Azzari | Yes Virginia, Climate Change is RealUntitled 7219
2017 Mixed Media | Yes Virginia, Climate Change Is Realuntitled
Encaustic Mixed Media, 18" X 24", 2014
USD $1,100