2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Katie Fogg

Brooklyn NY USA
Art, Music, Fashion says it all for those who are aware of KFOGG. The mix of media with medium and collecting attitudes from different environments, I create a Universal Icon that infuse the intermix of popular culture with the chaos and awareness that challenges the everyday individual. Similar to fashion designers, sensory is combined with my perceptual experiences. After an interactive interview, the figure is dressed in a specific wardrobe and placed within a subtle and luminous surrounding. By appropriating the act of fashion photography and runway show with the everyday object or individual, the image is taken over by an artificial and harmonious language that explains the product of my environment. While staying faithful to the posed figure and their attitude, I represent the everyday individual. Using layers of highly chromatic color and a given perspective, I then add in the key ingredient to my image making; music. As an element of our culture, I utilize music as a stimulus for my reflection and my design. Always experimenting with oils and their chromatic layers, the image was bold, yet too soft. After intense practice in the print shop, the prints gave an energetic quality that I needed to add to my studio practice. Quickly switching over to acrylic on plexiglass and panel, the use of layering became even more complex. With further experimentation, I am dramatically suggesting the elements of popular culture with showy brushstrokes, vivid colors, spontaneous movement and quantifiable application of material. Altogether, and the abundance of products transformed the work into a mobile, contemporary, linguistic universal voice.
© Katie Fogg | The Onzeeway 5648
2014 Painting | The Onzeeway
Acrylic on Panel, 63"x48", 2014
USD $3,200
© Katie Fogg | T.Ford Boots 5649
2014 Painting | T.Ford Boots
Acrylic on Panel, 63"x48", 2014
USD $3,200
© Katie Fogg | The Couch Blossom 5650
2014 Painting | The Couch Blossom
Acrylic on Panel, 46"x45", 2014
USD $2,900