2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Jiwon Kim

Seoul Korea
Hello, My name is Jiwon Kim and I am from South Korea. I am majoring in Oriental Painting of Art department at Hongik university, and I am going to graduate in February this year. I draw my painting with Asian materials such as Asian ink and color. I think that point could make my work unique. Also I am interested in using texture in painting so that I can express flow of water. ‚ÄčThank you for your time. E-mail: jw9204@naver.com
© Jiwon Kim | Untitled 6640
2015 Painting | Untitled
Korean painting, 162.2x130.3cm, 2016
USD $1,000
© Jiwon Kim | Untitled-2 6641
2015 Painting | Untitled-2
Korean painting, 25.8x17.9cm, 2016
USD $100
© Jiwon Kim | Untitled-3 6642
2015 Painting | Untitled-3
Korean painting, 162.2x97.0cm, 2016
USD $1,100