Artist Official Entries

Armine Bozhko

New York NY USA
A trip to Italy inspired this series of landscape paintings. I was fascinated by the vibrancy, textural variety, richness of color, and dynamic rhythms of geometric structure of ancient cityscapes. With its juxtaposition of centuries-old influences and marks left by generations of people, the city landscape elicited a strong sense of timelessness. Inevitably, one starts to perceive his own life as a brief moment in the context of millions of past lives and their stories. Time stops. Only the landscape remains, holding and preserving the memories of those lives. While meditating on the sculptural beauty of the cityscape, I observed it in relation to different environmental states and also connected it to the different states of my own personal experiences. The stages of the day: beginning, midday, sundown, and night, correspond to the different stages of our existence. We all look at the world through the prisms of our emotional experiences and often associate a certain place with a feeling we experience. Our vision of the surrounding world is always colored by the feelings we have, and it is our very unique experience. In a similar way, my works are the landscapes of my emotional states rather than a description of a place. Even though my works demonstrate strong characteristics of representation, I think about them in terms of their abstract quality because of the feeling of meditative stillness and remoteness. I base my paintings not on a certain place and moment, but rather on the nostalgic feeling of passing time and a dream. The dream for me is an abstract dimension, devoid of time, distance, and place. Color, a strong interest for me, has always been a focus of my artistic explorations and studies. Color speaks directly to our feelings. It appeals to our emotional perception of the work and allows an artist to lead the viewer into the experience of the feeling invested into a work of art. The themes of my work appear around the feeling, and then I respond through the color. Armine Bozhko was the New York Art Expo [SOLO] 2019 Award Winner
© Armine Bozhko | View of Florence 9984
2019 Painting | View Of Florence
Oil on Canvas, 48x72, 2019
USD $7,450
© Armine Bozhko | Rome Sunrise 9985
2019 Painting | Rome Sunrise
Oil on Canvas, 20X60, 2019
USD $4,950
© Armine Bozhko | Cityscape. Sunset 9986
2019 Graphics | Cityscape. Sunset
Oil on Canvas, 72x60, 2019
USD $8,650
© Armine Bozhko | Cityscape. Florence  9987
2019 Painting | Cityscape. Florence
Oil on Canvas, 24x36, 2019
USD $3,950