23 Warren St, New York City, NY 

The exhibition will be open April 16-19, 2020.
The opening reception will be held on Thursday,April 16, 2020 between 6pm - 9pm.

The non-refundable Application Fee is $10. This fee will be credited towards the purchase of the exhibition space.

The Participation Fee for gallery space is fully refundable only if:
1. Artist’s work is not accepted for the Exhibition for any reason;
2. The Exhibition is cancelled.


Wall Width
Regular Price (USD)
4 feet / 1,22 m $880.
6 feet / 1,83 m $1,320.
8 feet / 2,44 m $1,760.
10 feet / 3,05 m $2,200.
12 feet / 3,66 m $2,640.
Floor Space / Sculpture
16" x 16" $880.


Artist participation is subject to the approval by the International Art Festival (IAF) curators and full pre-payment of the participation fee. For the IAF exhibition, the Artist authorizes IAF for exhibition and sale of the artwork created by the Artist. The price for the artwork shall be set by the Artist. The price will include 10% IAF commission.  All payments due to the Artist shall be made no later than 30 days upon the termination of the exhibition. 

Approved artists will be allotted the prepaid wall space. The specific location of the space within the gallery will be assigned by the IAF curator. Only artworks of the same width are allowed to be exhibited in multiple rows, above each other, or artworks which are part of a single composition.

All artworks must be suitably framed and wired, ready for hanging. A minimum of 6 inches (15 cm) of wall space surrounding artworks must be preserved empty.

All artwork must be labeled on the back with the Artist's Name, Title, Year, Medium, and the price (or "NOT FOR SALE"). 

IAF reserves the right to refuse to hang artwork if


All entries must be the original work of the entrant artist and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The entrants must be the sole owner of copyright in all artworks, photographs and/or videos entered and must have obtained written permission of any people featured in the entries. Copyright of the submitted artwork remains with the participating artist. All work will be credited to the artist where applicable.

All entrants give the IAF and IAF affiliates the right to use and publish images & video of their work to promote the IAF art exhibits and the gallery, including publication of the accepted works on IAF's websites, social media and releases and any other media.

All entrants give the IAF and IAF affiliates the right to publish photographs and videos taken of their exhibited artwork and their own during the Festival for purposes related to promotion of the IAF, past or future.


The artist does hereby agree that their submission will not violate any copyright or rights of others. The artist shall  defend,  indemnify  and  hold  harmless  the  IAF Inc. against  any  liability,  including  costs  and  expenses,  for  infringement   of   any patent,   trademark,   or   copyright   arising   out of  their material of their submission or  use  by the  IAF Inc. of  materials  furnished. The artist does hereby discharge, release and hold harmless, IAF Inc., its associates and all co-sponsors from any and all manner of action, suits, damages, or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damages or claims, including to the person or property of the artist while in possession or under the supervision of the sponsors during the IAF, and hereby consents to enforcement of all rules of this event.

IAF carries no insurance for the artworks during the exhibition and storage. Insuring artwork is a sole responsibility of the artist. Damage to artwork or framing is not the responsibility or liability of the gallery or IAF. We care about your artwork and will handle it appropriately, but cannot accept liability.

I have read the statement above and agree to hold the International Art Festival harmless of any damage or loss of objects during the installation or presentation of my work.


Delivery:      Wed, April 15, between 9:30am and 12 noon
De-installation:  April 19, 5pm – 6:30pm

It is required that the artwork is delivered in person to the Gallery on the day of the installation, November 6th at 5pm.

In exception cases, upon IAF approval if the works must be shipped for the exhibition the shipping address will be communicated privately to each such Artist. Artists are then responsible for shipping their work to AIF in sturdy, reusable boxes. Return shipping must be prepaid and enclosed with the artwork. Shipped artwork must be delivered to the IAF one week prior to the exhibition. Packaging, shipping, insurance and delivery of artwork from the Artist to the IAF and the return to the Artist from the IAF, shall be the full responsibility of the Artist.

Please pay special attention to packaging fragile artworks. Acrylic / Plexiglas must be used instead of glass if the artwork needs to be covered. IAF will NOT handle shipments of artworks with glass, including the returns - IAF reserves the right to dispose such shipment. Works under glass will be accepted only if hand delivered.

IAF team will assist in coordination and installation of the exhibit. If your artwork is heavier than 30lb additional hardware may be required, please let us know in advance.

Additional charges

IAF will provide re-packing services at $15 per each package payable via PayPal prior to shipping your works to the exhibition.  Please login to your account and select Re-Package Return.

If your original packaging cannot be reused for return shipping, additional charges will apply based on packaging requirements.

A $50 Service Charge in addition to the actual shipping charges will apply if the return shipping label or customs forms are not provided or are incomplete, so please make sure to prepare them in advance.

Works that are not picked up on November 10, or for which adequate shipping arrangements have not been made by November 13, will either be discarded or transferred to IAF for safekeeping or disposal or sale, depending on circumstances.