2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kuk Studio

Englewood Cliffs NJ USA
Nikolay Kuk & Lidia Kirillova Nikolay Kuk - Artist Statement Ideas fly in the air, transform into symbols and incarnate into artistic images, while passing from the invisible, and into the visible world. Icons can serve as an example of the sequential steps of such a passage. The artists Kandinsky and Malevitch worked in accordance with the same principal of treble [Trinity] on their supremacist, and constructivist paintings in the 1920s: 1 - The Idea, 2 - The Symbol, 3 - Incarnation into The Image. I feel an endless depth - a most desirable space behind a good painting, while standing in front of it. Therefore I do not feel confined in my small art studio. It is the creations that give space and power back to me. Constructivism is based on three basic shapes: Circle, Triangle and Square. The Circle may be defined as the fullest characteristic of space: Planets, Stars, Black Holes. It is the basis of all existence in the universe. The Triangle is all that has and all that has yet to exist on Earth: the Past, Present and Future; Length, Height and Depth; God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit; the relation of the circle length to its diameter - 3.14 The Square does represent the triangle’s unity with its mirror reflection across the diagonal. This reflection is a Magical Wonderland – a world which is given to us for us to understand Magic, and Charms. The Cross is the religious absolute of all the existence. Every religion has an exhaustive meaning behind it: crucifixion, swastika, etc. -- When I look at a painting, I either have a good or a bad emotion. Somewhat like a dog, looking at a painting of a cat, unexpectedly started barking until the picture was turned off. On the other side, I record my sight, and tactile feelings and ideas, back into my paintings. ------ Lidia Kirillova, a.k.a Lika, graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute with a Graphic Arts major in 1960. She worked for many years as a graphic designer in fashion advertising. When she married Kuk, she also became a nonconformist artist and regularly took part in underground arts' exhibitions. Kuk and Lika became like-minded, towards their artistic credo. They chose esoteric mysticism as the theoretical basis for their art - the ideal measure of intervention in relation to Universal secrets. Lika possessed the gift of clairvoyance. She studied and then taught astrology. Iconographic images of the zodiac signs became the main theme of her art. Both Kuk and Lika paint not faces but images, not things but essences, symbols - beyond the material world. Lika created portraits of people via astrological knowledge. Contemporary objects became symbols that presented the subconscious (ethos) of her clients.
© Kuk Studio | Portrait of Wife 6550
2015 Sculpture | Portrait Of Wife
Papier-mache, oil, 34"x28"x5", 1975
USD $5,000
© Kuk Studio | Self-Portrait 6528
2015 Painting | Self-Portrait
oil, 20x17, 1985
USD $5,500
© Kuk Studio | Elf 6529
2015 Painting | Elf
oil on canvas, 22x21, 1975
USD $990
© Kuk Studio | Pilgrim with Cross 6530
2015 Sculpture | Pilgrim With Cross
Papier Mache, Oil, 12x6x5, 2015
USD $990
© Kuk Studio | Three-faced; Ugro-finnish 6531
2015 Sculpture | Three-Faced; Ugro-Finnish
papier-mache, oil, 16x5x5; 12x5x4, 1985
USD $990
© Kuk Studio | Couple 6532
2015 Sculpture | Couple
papier-Mache, oil, 7x7x5, 2003
USD $990
© Kuk Studio | Madonna 6533
2015 Sculpture | Madonna
Papier-Mache, Oil, 16x8x8, 1985
USD $5,300