2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Irene Clark

West Gilgo Beach NY USA
A native New Yorker, Irene Clark is known internationally through the paintings and prints she has loaned to the United States Embassies in Egypt, Panama, Qatar, and Ethiopia as well as in private collections in Europe and Australia. Ms Clark's frescoes were viewed at the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. That exhibition, The Worlds Women in Art is currently accessible on the internet. She has also exhibited at the Musee du Pays et Val de Charmey, and the Queens Museum of Art. Irene Clark is also represented by work in the Jane Vorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, as well as in corporate and private collections in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York. www.IreneClark.net A committed naturalist and environmentalist Irene Clark is also recognized as an organic garden designer and horticultural author. She has published over a dozen articles at women.com on various subjects that include organic gardening techniques for roses, tomatoes, grass, fruit and gardening in containers. Please visit her garden site at: www.IreneClark.com I strive to integrate the disciplines of painting, printmaking, fresco and book arts. Each of the series of my paintings, prints, and frescoes combine my training in the sciences of Anthropology, Geology, Chemistry, Horticulture, and Environmental Sciences with my artistic process. I seek to extend the technical boundaries of each medium while deepening my artistic statement as an essential component to the formal aspects of my work. .
© Irene Clark | RISING AND SETTING 3783
2013 Painting | Rising And Setting
Oil on Canvas, Each one 12x36 inches, 2011
USD $1,200
© Irene Clark | CORONAL MASS EJECTION 3784
2013 Painting | Coronal Mass Ejection
Oil on Canvas, 12x36 inches, 2011
2013 Painting | Magnetosphere Of The Sun
Oil on canvas prepared with volcanic particles, 20x36 inches, 2013